India Literacy Project

India Literacy Project

India Literacy Project is an NGO in education space, functioning in India since 1990. I am working with the organization to rebuild their digital assets, which includes their website and internal mobile apps. This is an ongoing documentation of the website redesign project.

Key objectives of website redesign

  • Involve the community. The organization gets most of their funds from few big donors after relentless fundraising efforts. They understandably want to diversify their funding sources for greater community engagement, autonomy over funds etc. Their website is the most important channel to make this happen, but it is failing at the moment. Apart from fund raising they organize several annual events for which they need active participation of volunteers, something that can be enabled through the website.

  • Effective communication. The organization has many impressive stories of education making real impact in people’s lives. They also have a unique approach to tackle the problem of education in India at scale. The current website is not providing the space to effectively express these things, which in turn hurts the fundraising efforts

Ok so lets start the redesign process

Understanding the content

Current ILP Website

Key takeaways from content discovery exercise

  • Important information is missing from the website, such as impact is not clear. Success stories is another section that is a must but missing

  • The organization conducts events once or twice every year, the events section mostly has outdated information which does not leave a very good impression.

  • Sharing content quickly is a challenge. There is no section that can be regularly updated to show activity

Understanding the user

Key takeaways from user understanding exercise

  • Optimize the experience for 1st time user. Most visitors to the site will have come here be first time and not have any knowledge of who ILP is and what it does.

  • Small donors need tangible outcomes in short term. The projects run by ILP are very long term and their impact is not visible for a long time. This may be good enough for big donors that engage over a long period of time, but does not excite small donors. We need to bring in the paradigm of “campaigns“ which are short projects with a very tangible impact and defined deadline.

  • One group would be repeat users. Teachers & students would want to visit the website repeatedly to download new resources. We need a separate section for them to quickly get what they want.

IA and UI Structure

Detailed design

All the content and numbers are for representation purposes only and should not be considered factual


A detailed look at the redesigned home page to illustrate the translation of user thinking into final product

Project status

The website is currently in development, to be launched soon