StickIt- A location based information system

Design Brief:
Creating an information system that explores new ways of organizing and retrieving content from the web such that its expericence and effectiveness as a knowledge source is enhanced.


“The world wide web was developed to be a pool of human knowledge and human culture.” – Sir Tim Berners- Lee (the inventor of web)
Web as we see today has evolved from an experiment and has grown organically from there on. Its form is ever changing, from a collaborative medium for scientists to broadcasting medium for businesses and now a communication medium for people. But has it effectively realized the vision of its creator? Is it really the pool of human knowledge? What would be a really effective pool of knowledge? The aim of this project was to explore ways in which we can organize the enormous content on the web to bring it closer to the dream of a web of knowledge.

We created the following video scenario to illustrate that dream:

While the scenario above gives an ideal picture (hence aptly put earlier as dream) of using smart technologies, we believe the problem today is not the lack of smart technologies but the ineffecient way of handeling information.
Say there is a study on crime rates in a locality before and after opening of a new pub. The report of this study would be most important for people living in that locality and other similar localities. Hence it should reach to maximum such people. The way our information systems are built today does not ensure this happening very efficiently. The report would be published in some website/journal and would stay there available but vertually inaccessible. The reach of this report would depend on the ability of authors to make something “viral” or on the mercy of the obsolete local newspapers. This feature of web which makes all the information available everywhere in equal capacity is hurting more than helping.
Hence even if we focus just on the “location” aspect of information and forget the personalizati–on vs privacy debate to make smarter technologies, we can take a big step in realizing our aim of a smarter web.

Here’s a scenario we created to demonstrate just that:

Can there be an information system that can link the content on the web to real world locations and make that content readily available to people present in that location?
StickIt the information management system
User Profiles:

Feature Listing:
  • Publish Radius, Reception Radius
  • Privacy settings for post one sticks
  • Custom tags
  • Browse based on tags
  • Multiple views
  • Filtering content based on shared by you, shared by friends, shared by everyone
  • Map view of content you stuck
  • Marking relevancy of a content
  • Re-sharing a content
  • Gamification: User Rating to be calculated by relevancy of content shared by him


Information Architecture:



UI Structure:

UI Structure.001



wireframes.001 wireframes.002 wireframes.003 wireframes.004 wireframes.005 wireframes.006 wireframes.007 wireframes.008 wireframes.009

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